How to Create Your Rug

Use the Rug Builder to design your own bespoke rug using beautiful natural materials including sisal, seagrass, wool, coir & jute.

Custom sisal rug

Sisal - Small Boucle with double borders

Custom jute rug

Jute - Ju-tweed with leather border

Creating a rug using the Rug Builder is easy! - Choose a rug inner and a border then specify your size for a price. Design as many rugs as you want using the Rug Builder and save them to your wishlist to review or purchase whenever you feel you've made the right choice. You can also order complementary samples for any of the rugs that you design.

Easy to use - no download required

The Rug Builder is designed to work across a range of devices including Desktop PC/Mac, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets & Smart TV's.

Help is always at hand

If you require assistance chooosing from the many materials, borders and colours, or experience difficulties accessing or using The Rug Builder, our expert team is here to help - call us on 0333 222 6515 or Contact us online

The Rug Builder

Simulated flooring

Our easy to use Rug Builder lets you switch between five simulated natural flooring types to give you a feel of how your designs may look in your own environment.

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