Rug care & Cleaning kits

Natural fibre rugs, made from materials such as Coir, Sisal, Jute, and Seagrass can be a beautiful addition to your home. Their unique textures and properties require specific maintenance to preserve their beauty and durability. Here’s a brief guide to help you care for your natural rugs effectively.

Preferred cleaning methods

  • Sisal & Sisool:
    • Avoid water-based products and scrubbing.
    • Opt for dry cleaning or use a dry-cleaning compound.
  • Seagrass:
    • Regular hoovering with a strong brush suction.
    • Avoid steam cleaning.
  • Coir:
    • Weekly brushing or hoovering.
    • Avoid harsh chemicals and excessive water.
  • Jute:
    • Use a strong-suction vacuum.
    • Avoid water-based cleaning methods.
  • Wool:
    • Can be cleaned normally using soap and water, or with other suitable gentle detergents.
    • Hoover normally.


The recommended frequency for hoovering plant fibre based rugs depends on foot traffic. Generally, aim for once a week, but with pets or children, you may need to do it more often. A suction cleaner without beater bars or rotating roller brush should be used to prevent surface damage.

Heavy soiling

When dealing with heavy mud buildup on your rug, allow the mud to dry completely. Once it has dried, use a brush to loosen any soil from the fibers, and then hoover thoroughly to restore its cleanliness.

Spillages & Stains

Reacting swiftly to prevent staining is vital; spills are commonplace in households, but the response can determine whether they leave lasting marks on the rug.

  • If a spill occurs: *excluding wool rugs:
    • Do: Lift solids and blot liquids gently with absorbent paper. Use our specially formulated cleaning & care kit (below)
    • Do Not: Rub or scrub the area, use home steam cleaners, or apply home cleaning chemicals.

Cleaning & Care kit

Our cleaning & care kit costs £32.99 which includes a specially formulated cleansing solution, together with applicators and full instructions on how to deal with a variety of spills.

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Natural Rug Cleaning & Care Kit