Every Natural Rug Store hand crafted rug is a unique collaboration between our customers and our rug makers here in the UK. Our aim is to allow you to design on-line, in the comfort of your own home or workplace, a superior natural rug benefitting the individual colours, proportions and purpose of your environment.

central london showroom

Central London showroom and collaborative design space

The careful working of our borders by hand giving a thickness which guarantees the ultimate luxury underfoot...

How your individual natural rug or runner is hand crafted

We are completely passionate about our rugs and runners; sourcing only the finest grade natural materials to be used in the production and design of our rugs.

Every one of our materials has its own distinctly beautiful character but all satisfy our requirement for exceptional feel underfoot, durability and also ease of placement irrespective of your interior style. In order to transform your chosen materials into a beautifully hand finished rug.

  1. First the material you have specified is selected, measured and cut by hand in accordance with your specifications.
  2. Your border design is then worked and each side carefully padded with felt to ensure, not only the ultimate underfoot luxury, but also durability and an evenness of surface not usually found in an off-the-shelf rug.
  3. Your rug is then carefully hand finished with beautifully mitred corners.
  4. It is then inspected and, if it meets our standards signed-off by the crafts person who made it for you.
  5. Your rug is then carefully wrapped together with care instructions to ensure your rug retains its good looks and enjoys a very long life.

Stain Protection Treatment

For peace of mind The Natural Rug Store offers INTEC stain protection treatment on rugs as an option.

INTEC protection ensures that every fibre is protected by a polymer shield to resist the absorption of stains and dirt and helps to prolong the life of your rug. INTEC is environmentally friendly, completely safe and does not affect the colour or the texture of your rug. This option can be selected at the cart or checkout for a small extra cost before paying.