Intec stain protection

Developed specifically for natural floorcoverings, Intec acts by coating every fibre with a polymer shield. This ensures the floorcovering resists the absorption of stains and dirt, helping your floorcovering look good for longer. It is completely safe and does not affect the colour and texture of the floorcovering.

Key benefits:

  • Intec creates an invisible barrier around each fibre, ensuring your rugs look good and are easier to clean..
  • Highly durable - offers enduring protection. Its soil release formula repels dirt, including oil-based spills. Anti-static properties prevent the attraction of dry soils to carpets, facilitating quick and efficient everyday cleaning.
  • Deep-level protection ensures that odors vanish along with the stains.
  • Does not change the fibre's color, texture, or flame resistance, making it ideal for even the most natural fibres.
  • Eco-friendly by design - water-based and free from harmful solvents.
  • Reduces wear and can extend the lifespan of your natural rug.
  • Requires just a single application regardless of how frequently you clean your rugs.
  • Available exclusively as an add-on purchase with our natural rugs – not available as a standalone product.

You can add Intec stain protection to your rug as an add-on for a small extra cost at the cart/checkout before paying. *Intec is applied only to the inner/weave and not to border(s) or piping.

Intec Stain protecion treatment for natural rugs