Rug cleaning & care kits

The majority of our natural rugs can easily cleaned with just soap and water. However for added peace of mind we provide optional stain protection treament from Intec, and professional stain removal and cleaning sets so you can keep your rug looking great.

Developed specifically for natural floorcoverings. Intec acts by coating every fibre with a polymer shield so that the floorcovering resists the absorption of stains and dirt which in turn helps your floorcovering look good for longer. It is completely safe and does not affect the colour and texture of the floorcovering.

You can add Intec stain protection to your rug as an add-on for a small extra cost at the cart/checkout before paying. *note Intec stain protection is only applied to the inner/weave and not to border(s) or piping.

Our natural floorcovering cleaning kit includes a specially developed cleansing solution, together with applicators and full instructions on how to deal with a variety of spills.

Our natural rug cleaning & care kit is £32.99 click here to buy a cleaning kit

Natural Rug Cleaning Kit