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Press releases

April 2008

New weaves for Spring 2008

Spring visitors to The Natural Rug Store, will find three new weaves among the dozens that the site already offers. Mahale and Rafiki are two new weaves for sisal rugs, while Audrey is for wool rugs. All three weaves are available right now for rug buyers who want to bring the bring the feel of spring or summer to a room.

Makers of natural rugs use the weave to emphasise different qualities of a rug – to create a flat canvas upon which they can create a splash of colour, or to emphasise the texture of the natural fibres from which it's made. Sometimes a distinctive weave is all that's needed to lift a rug from ordinary to extraordinary.

In the case of Audrey, Natural Rug Store designers have used the weave to recreate the mood of a beachside summer in which colourful deckchairs rest in the calm of dawn and dusk. The appeal of Audrey is in the detail. Up close, it's all texture and natural wool fibres; from a distance, the vibrant striped pattern is all you see. Audrey comes in two colour ways: sunrise (fresh and alert) and sunset (warm and mellow).

Mahale and Rafiki stand on their own. All that this distinctive pair of sisal weaves needs is a simple wash of colour in browns, greys, and naturals. The liveliness of the rug comes from the strength of the weave. Mahale is reminiscent of sunlight rippling through shallow water or ripples in the sand at low tide. This intertwined lattice of curving threads suggests movement and fluidity; it brings a floor to life.

Rafiki is more geometric, yet just as distinctive. This tightly woven network of coiled diamonds brings out the depth and vigour of the natural sisal fibres. The effect is almost mesmerising – it recalls the ordered calm of the siesta.

The Natural Rug Store offers a huge range of natural fibres and weaves. There's something here for every mood and every location. To find out more, or to see the three new weaves, visit