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Welcome to The Natural Rug Store Image Library. RGB Web ready rug images can be downloaded instantly but you will need to request a password to download CMYK Hi-Res images. If you have a specific request please contact our PR Manager who will be pleased to help. Note: all dimensions refer to width - image height may vary.

Cut Outs

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Perfect product shots...
of what we think is a must have accent piece! They will also create beautiful layouts because all these images are available with paths.
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Room Sets

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Inspire your readers...
with stunning photography from our on-line collection of stylish roomsets. All our images are available in three sizes and are web or print ready. View all Room Set Images »


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For webmasters...
we don't like re-sizing images either nor do we want to ruin the aesthetic of your page so you'll find all the standard banner sizes here in a variety of colourways. View all Banners »


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If you would be so kind...
as to mention our store we've produced our logo in three different sizes and colourways which are web or print friendly. View all Logotypes »