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Fast facts

When was The Natural Rug Store founded?

The Natural Rug Store was founded in November 2005, and website launched in May 2006.


Do we have a physical store?

No, as our interactive website provides the ideal platform for choosing our rugs. We have a huge range of available materials and our online Rug Builder is quick and easy to use.


How many rug designs do we have?

At present we have over 270 different weave styles, 160 rug border styles, choices of double border and 10 colourways of piping! This gives millions of potential individual rug designs.


What sizes of rug can we make?

We can make most rugs up to a maximum width of 5 metres and a length of 8 metres.


How are our rugs made?

Our natural rugs are hand made in England by professional rug makers whom pay attention to every detail, carefully making sure each rug is made to the highest possible standard.

We are completely passionate about our rugs and runners; sourcing only the finest grade natural materials to be used in the production and design of our rugs. All our natural rugs are bespoke and it is only once an order has been received that we start production here in the UK.


What materials do we use for our rugs?

Our base materials include sisal, seagrass, jute, coir, bamboo, paper and wool. Our borders include cotton, linen, wool, suede and leather.


Where are the materials from?

The natural materials we use to make our rugs are sourced from all over the world. We take great care in sourcing only the finest quality materials, at the same time being sensitive to the environment from where they originate.


Are the materials we use ecologically sound?

Our materials are from renewable resources and in cases even helpful for the environment. Seagrass meadows provide water purification and maintain biodiversity and threatened species like the chinese dugong. Seagrass growth and harvesting for commercial purposes ensures this process.