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About bamboo

Our Bamboo rugs blend thousands of years of tradition with contemporary design to create a warm, lively feel that enhances any living space.

Bamboo rugs from The Natural Rug Store are bespoke and prices are based on your rugs configuration.

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Rug Builder - create a bespoke Bamboo rug

Use Rug Builder to design your own superior quality bamboo rug. Create and save as many rug designs as you wish, and when you're completely satisfied, buy securely online!

Bamboo Rugs - Design your own using The Rug Builder

“Bamboo is available in our widest range of colours and is suitable for the widest range of applications.”


The largest of the grass family, bamboo can grow up to 35 metres in height and develops tough woody stems that allow it to thrive in almost any climate.

Bamboo close-up

The Natural Rug Store uses only the highest quality bamboo fibres to produce individually designed bamboo rugs in a range of classic weaves.

To compare Bamboo against our other natural materials please see our Suitability section.